Quality Over Quantity.

We understand the importance of a child’s education. Which is why we have prioritized quality of education over quantity. For the Fall of 2023, Tyndale Christian Academy will focus on starting a kindergarten school for the first year, and add a grade each year as the Lord sees fit. Our priority is to focus on the children that are entrusted to us with the expressed goals of training them to serve Christ the King and change the world.


At TCA, we are dedicated to providing quality education to your student. That’s why we are actively working through the process of obtaining approval for the Step Up For Students program. This program is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible Florida students, allowing them to attend a private school that best fits their educational needs. By working towards this approval, our team is demonstrating commitment to providing quality education to students and making it accessible to as many families as possible.

Step Up For Students Application


Training Students to reason, discern, & lead through


Cultivating Wisdom

Learning that begins with wonder and aims towards wisdom.

Integrating Biblical Truth

Understanding history and the world through the truth found only in Scripture.

Equipping Leaders

Producing students who think clearly, articulate well, and persuade with truth and grace.