"If you want to change the world..teach children"

2018-19 comparative study of 24-42-year-old alumni from public, secular private, Catholic, evangelical Christian, religious homeschool, and ACCS (classical Christian) schools, on topics of life choices, preparation, attitudes, values, opinions, and practices.

Why Classical Christian Education Matters


Read the Bible regularly

vs. about 55% of Christian and homeschool alumni


Attend church 3x per month

vs. 65% of Christian school and homeschool alumni

SAT Performance

Benchmark is a combined score of 1059 on the two SAT tests.

Study in 2019

The ACCS average represents scores from 546 students in 39 schools. The national mean is from 2017, 2018 and 2019

Compared to their peers, ACCS alumni are…


More Likely to Pray Alon


More Likely to Donate to Their Church


More Likely to Read